How Planning for Obstacles Charts a Better Course

I used to get really frustrated when we set up strategic marketing plan only to be derailed by  obstacles.

I eventually learned that if came to expect challenges along the way, I could let go.

It's actually quite simple, and something that other marketers have probably learned long ago. And I heard it said extermely well by a colleague (a retired 17-year vetern of our company): If you imagine you have a clear path, you'll be distracted and lose focus when an obstacle comes up. If you imagine you're driving defensively, anticipating challenges that might jump out, or slowly roll into your path, you'll be prepared.

5 Questions to Ask When Planning for Obstacles

1. Where is there room for "give" in our plan?

2. What are important critical path items in the plan?

3. Who else needs to know/add imput/support this plan?

4. As obstacles arise, where is it best to focus my time and efforts?

5. How have we shown we're capable of being nimble in the past? How will that serve us now?


What questions do you ask yourself when moving past obstacles?