How Marketing is Like Burlesque Dancing: 3 Tips for Creating Value

Not that I would know much about Burlesque dancing...

As marketers, we sometimes get called names. Years ago, I was accused of having a profession that bore "a certain resemblance to the world's oldest." While the context was different, it's worth noting that great marketers make compelling calls to action that sell products and services. We take pride in showcasing the value of a product or service to the marketplace. But how much value is too much value?

The Interruption

As marketers, it can be tempting to be so excited that was just put it all out there, regardless of how much people asked for or what they can reasonably consume. At times, we interrupt instead of communicating value. Some marketers stop conversations instead of building them. 


The Tease

Great marketers understand the value of the teaser campaign, creating intrigue and enticing us to want more. Giving us little pieces of what we want and allowing us to take things in slowly, so we can understand, interpret, feel, and move into the next stage of wanting more. 

3 Tips for Creating Value vs. Interrupting

1. Tell a story: Create a storyboard and map out the individual pieces that make customers lean forward into the story and want more. Each piece in the storyline should move people forward. If it doesn't, remove it. 

2. Ask a question: What was the best question someone asked you recently? What difference did that make? Inspire customers by asking them a question and allowing them to think about how what you're marketing creates value in to their life instead of just telling them it makes their life better. 

3. Create a timeline. Give you -- and your customers -- the benefit of time. Draft a timeline that allows you to create messaging that builds over weeks vs. all in one day. Maybe it's a series of videos or blog posts, or both. 

When content adds value, it nurtures and engages and calls people to action. It allows them a sneak peak of something they desperately want to experience more. 


What are your favorite ways to create value instead of interrupting?