To Sell Is...Pushy

For anyone who agrees with the title above, I highly recommend reading Daniel Pink's newest book, To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth about Moving Others.

In the book, Pink shares intriguing ways to increase our skill at persuading others. Reading it reminded me that, as a marketer, every recommendation I make is an opportunity clearly showcase the benefits (vs. the features), and entice others to lean forward into the recommendation I'm making.

Pink's writing style is clear and engaging (he practices what he preaches in the book). His ideas explore the science behind persuasion and make ties to the art necessary to be authentic and effective. In particular, I loved the section on the successors to the elevator pitch.

Kudos to Dan Pink for adding yet another fantastic and thoughtful book to my virtual bookshelf. I've already referred to it multiple times and it's a new favorite.