The Continuous Improvement of Marketers

"The shoemaker's son often goes barefoot. "

As marketers, we often focus on our products and the organizations needs, and overlook our own personal brand or marketing. Products and jobs come and go -- and it's our responsibility to manage our own careers.



As the year comes to a close, here are a few quick tips for refocusing on your own self promotion:


  1. Schedule 30 minutes each quarter to review your social media profiles. Update with success stories, new projects and new responsibilities.
  2. Marketing has changed in the past decade. Are you up-to-speed on industry trends? What resources should you seek more insights from? MarketingProfs? SmartBrief on Marketing? What resources no longer provide value?
  3. Consider yourself a product to be marketed. Do you need to write a marketing plan for yourself? Do you need to use a SWOT analysis to determine your areas of best focus for the year ahead? What are your features...and more importantly: what are your benefits?
  4. Ask yourself hard questions. A mentor of mine wrote these 29 hard questions that are worth answering.  
  5. Identify one thing -- just one -- that you'll do more of in the coming year to make yourself even more valuable.  



Photo Credit: Éole via Compfight cc  

Photo Credit: Éole via Compfight cc